Professional experience

Rostelecom Joint Stock Company
2011 – present. Deputy Head of Department for government relations.

“Consulting and Research Center of Intellectual Capital” Ltd.
2007 – present. Chief Intellectual Property Counsel.

Telecommunication Investment Joint Stock Company (Svyazinvest)
2009 - 2010. Legal and Regulatory Consultant.

Non-Profit Partnership “Research Centre of Telecom Development” (the former subsidiary company of Svyazinvest)
2003-2009. Senior Lawyer.

 Academic appointments

State University - Higher School of Economics
2009-2010. Leading Research Scientist at the UNESCO Chair on copyright and other intellectual property rights.
Responsibilities: Gave courses in Mass Media Law. Rendered legal opinions on behalf of the UNESCO Chair on different matters relating to copyright and information law.

Moscow M.V. Lomonosov State University
1996 - 2012. Associate Professor, Leading Research Scientist at the Department of language philosophy and communication.
Courses taught: Jurisprudence and Legal Philosophy in 20th Century, Public Relations law, General Theory of Law, Problems and Inconsistencies of Law and Legal Theory in the Digital Age.

Internet Publications & Speaking

January 2013. Von der Remixkultur zu einem neuen Paradigma des Urheberrechts. Magazinseite „Deutschland und Russland“.

May 31 – June 1, 2011. Digitization of materials in the context of cultural heritage preservation. // UNESCO Institute Joint Workshop on Open Educational Resources and Intellectual Property Rights

October 2012. Videoaufzeichnung der Diskussion: Remixkultur – wem gehört das Wissen? // Das Goethe-Institut eine Podiumsdiskussion zum Thema „Remixkultur – wem gehört das Wissen?“ Experten aus Deutschland und Russland diskutierten aktuelle Perspektiven und Probleme der Wissensfreiheit, der Aneignung, Kompilation und Weitergabe von Wissen und Kultur und beantworteten Fragen aus dem Publikum.

Comments: Remixkultur – oder wem gehört das Wissen

May 2009. Speaking on Moscow-Washington video bridge on the online "news piracy".

Other On-Line Materials are available only in Russian.



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